Become a system partner and produce EcoSyst climate panels yourself, on your site as flexibly as you wish!

The sales concept of producing climate panels close to the market requires to work with partners who address topics intended to optimize energy efficiency, reduce emissions harmful to the climate, cut down operating costs and raise the quality of indoor climate.

We are mainly looking for partners of following trades:

  • manufacturers of building materials, e.g. brick factories
  • suppliers of systems technology in fields of geothermal energy, photovoltaics, heat pumps, biomass systems, wind power etc.
  • building companies
  • technicians for heating and air-conditioning
  • civil engineers and architects

Any partner is assured thorough training and guidance given by EcoSyst GmbH.
To make sure you can respond flexibly to your local demand, we offer you the systems technology to produce EcoSyst climate panels. This will allow you to rely on raw materials available on site and keep control of the production of your EcoSyst climate panels at any time.

Depending on the case of application we will be pleased to develop with you a concept on how to use EcoSyst for the best of your project and how you and your customers benefit from multiple opportunities of funding. We are prepared for various scenarios of application – from obtaining an EcoSyst production line to establishing a local joint venture.